September - a lot of new packs

KingFrom Bulgarians oldest tobacco company (King's Tobacco) is after the brand Corset the next brand available in Austria - The Kings Classic and The Kings Blue. Kings Classic has 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine (bar-code 3800221 963385) and Kings Blue has 8 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine (bar-code 3800221 963255).



LederhoseA new Special Edition called "Enjoy Austria" from Memphis Classic is out now.


SydneyDualBenson & Hedges brought out a new special pack for a competition to win a trip to Sydney for New Year - it is out as Black and Silver and White as H&S. Like many other brands did it before - now also Benson & Hedges has a "click"-cigarette - called "Benson & Hedges Dual" it has 7 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine - the bar-code is 9036 8417.


BluenewCamel is out with new design as Camel Filter 100 and Camel Blue - the last one with round design.




JPSGLideAn interesting new pack is out from JPS - it's called JPS Black Glide Tec with a brandnew way to open a pack. The pack has 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine and the bar-code is 4030600 073612. To open the pack one has to push the "Glide Tec"-button to the top and then the top is opening.



OhnezuNew in Austria is Gauloises Bleu frei von Zusätzen with 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine and bar-code is 4030600 074886.




BlissAlso new is Djarum Black Bliss, another clove brand. The brand has 6 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine, the bar-code is 8991906 241746.

PeterFinally, Peter Stuyvesant Original is out with new name and new design


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