2002 - news about Austrian brands

October 25 - There is an Indonesian brand available here in Austria. An unknown company imports Gudang Garam International 12's with bar-code 8998989 100120 (Nicotine 0,6 mg and tar 12 mg) and Gudang Garam Professional 16's with bar-code 8998989 121163 with Nicotine 0,6 mg and 12 mg tar. Those packs are the same like they were produced in Indonesia, only on the backside is a big field with Austrian health-warning (not on front-side!!!) and tar/nicotine is in German language.

October 14 - Gallaher Limited released their first products as owner of Austria Tabak: Benson & Hedges Red Filter 25's with Austrian bar-code 9032 9517 with nicotine 0.8 mg and tar 10 mg and Benson & Hedges Red Lights 25's with bar-code 9032 9524. Nicotine is 0.5 mg and tar is 7 mg. Those are the first packages with 25 cigarettes in it here in Austria. The packs of Red and Red Lights with 20's and different design are not in the selling list anymore.

October 5 - I was told that there is a lawful problem and fight about the CHE cigarette-pack in Austria. As much as I know - the sale of this brand has stopped until court makes a judgement.

September - Lucky Strike and Lucky Strike Lights are still not produced by Austria Tabak anymore - they are import cigarettes now. But there is no change in design or bar-code.

There is a new Special serie of Memphis Blue and Memphis Blue Lights again. It's called "Memphis Badges Collection".

August 15 - There is a new Brand imported by Import Moosmayr from Germany - the German brand Burton Lights is now available in Austria too. The bar-code is different to the German market and is 4006396 090423, Nicotine is 0.5 and 6 mg tar - the pack has German health-warning and Austrian banderole. Also Burton Full Flavor American Blend is in stock too - the bar-code is 4006396 090409. Nicotine is 0,8 mg and tar is 12 mg.

August 1 - Also in Austria the design of the Camel packs changed to the international design.

June 1 - A new type of West is now available in Austria. The brand West Ice from Reemtsma Germany is now in stock. The bar-code of this unusual brand is 4204 7865, tar is 7 mg and nicotine is 0,6 mg. The pack is a little bit different (colours) to the German version which exists already a long time.

Another brand from Reemtsma Germany is also available now in Austria. Davidoff Menthol with bar-code 4204 7698, tar 10 mg and nicotine 0,8 mg is the newest brand of the Davidoff packs. It is the same pack like in Germany (also with German health-warning) but with banderole from Austria.

April 5 - Moosmayr GmbH Wels imports the German brand Sex American Blend to Austria. It is the same pack like in Germany but with Austrian banderole and a different bar-code! The bar-code is 4209 5132 - tar is 12 mg and nicotine is 0,9 mg.

House of Smoke is selling the German brand Che Filter as a hard-pack in Austria. It has Austrian health-warning - the car-code is 4031487 331024 - tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,9 mg.

March 10 - Austria Tabak stopped production of Ronson American Blend and Trussardi Lights 100. But they brought out a new taste. There is out now Memphis Platinum Lights. The bar-code is 9032 9104 - tar is 7 mg and nicotine is 0,6 mg.

February 15
- 2002 - Austria Tabak changed the name of the brand Milde Arome to Arome Vanille. The brand "Milde Arome" came out in July 1999 in Austria but in Germany the brand always had the name "Arome Vanille". The bar-code changed to 9032 9098 but nicotine and tar is still 7 mg/0,5 mg.

In October 1999 Austria Tabak released Memphis Blue Ultra - now they changed the design - bar-code, nicotine and tar is still the same.

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