2003 - news about Austrian brands

October 1 - There is a Limited Edition from Gauloises Blondes and Gauloises Blondes Legeres out now.

September 1 - Import Moosmayr imports a new brand from Intependent Brands GmbH Hamburg. There is now Sex Smooth'n Easy (bar code 4210 0980) available in Austria. Nicotine is 0,6 mg and tar is 0,5 mg.

August 11 - There is out the 4th Special Edition from Memphis Blue/Blue Lights - called "Director's Edition 2003". The edition is out for 6 weeks.

August 1 - The brand Kent and the brand Parisienne Extra Lights are not in the selling list anymore.

July 15 - Tobaccoland imports the brand Muratti Ambassador Multifilter from the Philip Morris GembH in Munich. The barcode is 8729 2398 - nicotine is 0,7 mg and tar is 8 mg.

Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH changed the design of JPS and JPS American Blend. The new name is now JPS Black and JPS Red.

And Austria Tabak decided to make news styles of Smart: Smart Export Box with bar-code 9008 1132, tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,8 mg. The second pack is Smart Export Box Light with bar-code 9008 1187 with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine.

July 1 - Import Moosmayr GmbH brought another German brand to Austria. Burton Full Flavor Big Pack with 25 cigarettes are now available in Austria. The barcode is 4006396 091406 - nicotine is 0,8 mg and tar is 12 mg. Also Winston, Winston Lights, Winston Super Lights and Winston One changed the design.

April 15 - Gallaher Limited changed the name for Benson & Hedges Special Filter in Benson & Hedges Gold. Bar code is 5010175 600672 - tar is 12 mg and nicotine is 0,9 mg. Also Benson & Hedges Lights is called now Benson & Hedges Silver.

There is out a new Special-Edition from NIL and NIL Lights. The packs exists is four different colours.

There is a new type of Davidoff on stock: Davidoff Ultra with bar code 4030 4687 is an import brand with 3 mg tar and 0,3 mg nicotine.

Ernte 23 is not an own-made brand anymore, it is now imported and marked with a banderole. Bar code is 4030 4038. Also Parisienne Mild and Peter Stuyvesant are not own-made brand anymore - they just exist as import brand.

Gallaher Ltd. is selling two new types of Silk Cut in Austria: Silk Cut Ultra with bar code 5090 1449 has 1 mg tar and 0,1 mg nicotine and Silk Cut Ultra Mild with bar code 5090 1425 has 3 mg tar and 0,3 mg nicotine.

March 10 - Import Moosmayr is selling now a Dutch brand in Austria: Black Devil Special Flavour is a black filtercigarette with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 8710151 538841 - there is not the Austrian, just the German health-warning (Die EG) on it.

March 1 - Cigar & Co. is selling Treasurer Luxury White - which is made in the Netherlands and which belongs to Chancellor Tobacco Company in England. The lid has a bar-code 5038848 000383 - nicotine is 0,6 mg and tar is 8 mg.

January 5 - Import Moosmayr is selling two German brands in Austria now. Manitou Full Flavour with bar-code 4006396 147905 has 1,3 mg nicotine and 11 mg tar, Manitou Mild Blend with bar-code 4006396 148001 has 0,9 mg nicotine and 8 mg tar. They are the same packs like in Germany (with the same bar-code) - only there is an Austrian banderole on the pack.

The production of Nil (no filter) has stopped.


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