2004 - news about Austrian brands

Philip Morris Products SA is selling Next American Blend Full Flavor with bar-code 4023 5875. The tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,8 mg.

October 25 - The Netherlands company Heupink & Bloemen is selling two packs in Austria - Police Red with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine. (bar-code is 912001 7520016) and Police Blue with 7 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine (bar-code 912001 7520023).

October 18 - The Spanish company Altadis is selling their top-brand in Austria now. Fortuna Red with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine (bar-code is 8416000 500839) and Fortuna Blue with 8 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine (bar code is 8416000 500846).

October - The brand Auslese de luxe is not in the selling-list anymore. Gallaher Ltd. has released Sobranie Pinks Slims with 5 mg nicotine and 0,5 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 5010175 352915.

September 1 - Austria Tabak sells three new styles of Smart. The difference are the colours and the strength of the cigarettes. There is out a Smart American Blend (bar-code 9034 6484) with 4 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine, a pack with bar-code 9034 6477 with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine and a pack with bar-code 9034 6460 with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine.

August 15 - There is a new Memphis-Airbase serie out - it was released in Sky and Sky-Blue.

August 2 - Altadis again made the Special-Edition (last year it was called "Limited Edition") which shows different style of helmet. This year, the edition exists for Gauloises Blondes Bleu, Blondes Jaune and Blondes Rouge and is limited for two months.

August 1 - Marlboro has a new special edition in Austria - it's called "Racing Edition".

July 19 - Chesterfield brought out three different kind of tobacco. Chesterfield Mambaya Gold is made with African Virginia Bright-Tobacco - the bar code is 4023 5295. Chesterfield Rio Tropical uses South-American Brown Burley Tobacco - the bar code is 4023 5332. Finally Chesterfield Oriental Velvet is made with Oriental Gold Tobacco - bar code is 4023 5301. The cigarette of all three packs have 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine.

July 1 - Player's M.N.C. without filter are not available anymore in Austria.

May 15 - Import Moosmayr imports a new brand from Johann Wilhelm von Eicken. It's Calume Vanilla with bar-code 4006396 091772. Tar is 10 mg and nicotine 0,8 mg.

May 1 - Import Moosmayr has two new packs from Germany. Excite Red with bar code 4006396 091604 has 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine, Excite Blue (bar code 400636396 091659) has 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine. The company which produces those two packs seems to be Barsdorf Gebr. Nachf.

Rockies American Blend (imported by House of Smoke from an unknown company) with bar code 7640110 340370 has 10 mg tar and 1,0 mg nicotine.

Manitou Golden Blend (hardpack) with bar code 4006396 092403 is now also imported by Import Moosmayr. Tar is 8 mg and nicotine is 0,9 mg.

House of Smoke imports the Spanish brand Cohiba. This brand from the company CITA has bar code 8416 6814, tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,6 mg.

Austria Tabak is now selling two packs from owner Gallaher Ltd. Sobranie Black Russian 100 with bar code 4031553 040225 has 9 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine. Sobranie Cocktail 100 with bar code 4031553 040423 has same tar and nicotine.

There are some changes and new packs available in Austria now. Sex Full Flavour and Sex Smooth'n easy aren't imported by "Import Moosmayr" anymore - they are now imported by Tobaccoland (Austria Tabak). There is also new imported by Moosmayr Burton Menthol with bar code 4006396 090461 with 10 mg tar and 0,8 nicotine and Burton Modern (before it was called Medium) with bar code 4006396 091505 - 8 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine. Both packs are made by Johann Wilhelm von Eicken.

There are also out a new packs from Sion Life Products (Netherlands). Business Class Red with bar code 8710151 538469 (tar 10 mg, nicotine 0,8 mg) and Business Class Blue with bar code 8710151 538476 (Tar 7 mg and nicotine 0,6 mg).

There is available the 10's pack from Djarum Black with bar code 8991906 211336 with tar 12 mg and nicotine 1,2 mg which is made by PT Djarum Indonesia.


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