2008 - News about Austrian brands


The brand Pink Elephant has a complete new design. This brand, which is imported by Import Moosmayr has bar-code 8710151 545535, tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,8  mg.

The packs of the brand Matrix are now available in round style.


The brand Marlboro Gold ist replaced by Marlboro Gold Original with absolutly new design. The brand has 7 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine, the bar-code is 7616 4736.

There is a little change on design at brand Batton. And there is out a new kind of Batton - called Batton Extra with 3 mg tar and 0,3 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 4006396 090652.
battbatton064September 2008: The brands Chesterfield Classic Red (7890 0127) and Chesterfield Classic Blue (7890 0103) are existing now as soft-packs.

A new style of Main is out now - it is a 100's pack from Main Smooth Taste with 5 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 5903 4742 and is imported bei R&G.

August 2008 - There are out two special series in Austria.

First there was released the "Roof Edition" of the brand Marlboro with 5 different packs.

And there is out a "Summer Edition" of Memphis Blue and Memphis Air Blue. Both have the same pictures on it and are in hull & slide system. I was told that there exists 5 different packs of each style.
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July 2008
- The common brands JPS Black, JPS Red and JPS Blue are now out as 100's. JPS Black 100 with 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine has the bar-code 4030600 028599, JPS Red 100 with also 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine has the bar-code 40300600 028629 and finally JPS Blue 100 with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine has the bar-code 4030600 028650.

A new brand in Austria is from an unknown importer. Pueblo Filter with 10 mg tar and 1,0 mg nicotine is made by German company Pöschl Tabak and the bar-code is 8710151 553042.

May 2008
- Smart have another "competition"-packs in their selling list: While one was able to rub and win on the last packs, now there have been released two different packs (one to win a luxury-cruising, one to win a trip to California). The packs have just different pictures and letters on the top-side - as soon one has the complete serie of 5 pictures - there is a chance to win this luxury-cruising or the trip to California. Those packs exist in red, dark-yellow and light-yellow version.

The brand Chesterfield Classic Blue and Chesterfield Classic Red have now the international design.

Many years ago, the brand Route 66 was sold in Austria - later the selling of this brand was stopped. Now this brand is back again. The company R&G GesmbH is importing this brand from Imperial Tobacco. There exists two styles, Route 66 Original with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine and bar-code 4030600 027936 - and - Route 66 Blue with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine with bar-code 4030600 027967. The design is the same like the packs which are sold in Germany.1route

April 2008 - The design of the brand Pepe changed a little bit. Pepe Blue has still same design just the blue colour is a little bit darker than before, Pepe Red has now the modern design (like they have already in Germany) with the script "Authentic Tobacco for authentic people, quality since 1770" in the background and in a small golden field on the top.

March 2008 - There is out a special edition from Gauloises in Austria. It called "Red Helmet", "Blue Helmet" and "Yellow Helmet" and it's available in hard- and softpacks (blue and red) - so there are complete 15 packs of this special-edtion out now.

The design of the pack "Meine Sorte 100" changed a little bit and has also a new name - it is called now "Meine Sorte Classic 100" with still 8 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 9008 1262.

From the brand "Memphis Classic" is available a 100's version - Memphis Classic 100 version with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 9034 6644.

February 2008
- The brand "Meine Sorte" made a renewal of the design - they started with Meine Sorte White and Meine Sorte One. The design is different to the old ones and the packs are "round" now.

From the brand Black Devil is another pack available - there is out Black Devil Chocolate Flavour with bar-code 8710151 549700. Tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,8 mg.


Like in many countries, L & M also changed the design of their packs in Austria. They are out now as L & M Luminous Mark Red Label with bar-code 4023 5714 and L & M Luminous Mark Blue Label with bar-ocde 4023 5721.

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