2009 - News about Austrian brands

November 2009
- A new importer (DanCzek AT GmbH) offers a German brand in Austria - Egalite Selected Slim with bar-code 4260115 861507 (6 mg tar, 0,5 mg nicotine) and Egalite Fine Slim with bar-code 4260115 861477 (1 mg tar and 0,1 mg nicotine).

Lucky Strike
has released a Special-Edition - called "Icon" - there exists 3 packs in Red and 3 packs in Blue.

Camel Filters and Camel Blue are also out as Limited Edition - called "Disco Ball".

Mall has released three new packs - Pall Mall Superslims Amber with bar-code 5903 6890 (4 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine), Pall Mall Superslims Blue with bar-code 5903 6883 (7 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine) and Pall Mall Superslims Menthol with bar-code 5903 7309 (7 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine).

Chesterfield has released their brands with 100's length - Chesterfield Classic Red Long Size with bar-code 4205 0025 (10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine) and Chesterfield Classic Blue Long Size with bar-code4205 0001 (6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine).

M Tabak imports as a new pack O'Nyle Blue-4 100 with bar-code 5450 6749, the brand has 4 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine.

There exists another special pack from the B&H Black and B&H Silver - it's a competition to win a BMW-car (from October - December 2009).

August 2009 -
The newest brand is from Tobaccoland and is called Vibes Flavoured. The brand from Vibes Tobacco Company (Nethterlands) has 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 8717438 740201.

A lot of new packs and new designs are available now in Austria.
Fortuna is now out as a special Edition - called "Caracter Espanol". I saw them just in style Azul but probably it's also available in "Red".

Pall Mall also released a special edition in Red, Blue, Amber, Green and Silver - it's called "110 Years Pall Mall".

Matrix brought out a special design for Red, Blue and Silver.

Surfside is out with new packs - after they released the packs Mango and Pina Colada earlier, they are out now with Cub Libre (bar-code 5998900 509059), Tequila Sunrise (bar-code 5998900 509042) and Mojito (bar-code 5998900 509066). All styles have 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine.

And finally, the Benson & Hedges Hull & Slide-packs are existing with a Winning-Game.

June 2009 -
The packs of Memphis Classic and Memphis White have a new design now.

JPS has a new style on the market: There is out JPS Pink with 8 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine. The bar code is 4030600 034903.

Parisienne Rouge is also out now with the new style with large letters.

Pepe Virginia
is also available in Austria too now. It is imported by Moosmayr and has 8 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine. Te bar-code is 4006396 077608.

May 2009 -
There is a new style of Marlboro on the market - Marlboro Gold Touch with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine is out now with bar code 7890 4453.

April 2009 - Memphis
Classic is out with a new 3-pack-Special Edition called "Timeless since 1896. On the backside is also a watch which can be used to win on a contest.

B.A.T. changed the design of the Lucky Strike Silver to a blue design.

Another change of design can be seen on the packs of Black Devil. There is a new script on the top of the packs.

Pall Mall with the new design are available also as Red 100, Blue 100 and Amber 100

March 2009 -
Parisienne Jaune has a new design with big letters on the packs. Tar is 7 mg, nicotine is 0,6 mg and the bar-code is 4031 8806.

Winston White and Winston Silver are also out now with the new round design.

The brand Kim doesn't any longer exist - instead of this brand there is out Vogue Caractere Bleue with bar-code 4214 8265 (8 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine) and Vogue Caractere Lilas with bar-code 4214 8272 (3 mg tar and 0,3 mg nicotine).

January 2009
- There is a new design from the brand KENT available in Austria. Kent Nanotek Red with 7 mg tar and 7 mg nicotine has the barcode 5945 2188.

Winston Classic and Winston Blue are out now with a brandnew (round) design.


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