After Dark - New brand in Austria

thumb_Afterdarkthumb_ChesterfieldRedthumb_WinstonRedA brandnew brand with a beautiful pack is now available in Austria - it's After Dark (from Fender Tobacco Inc./Dalaware) with bar-code 5070000 002507, with 9 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine.

Chesterfield is changing the design of all of their packs in Austria too, like they did international before.


Also Winston is changing the design of their packs, but not that much.



New Memphis Special Edition

thumb_MemphisArcticthumb_MemphisKaribikThere has been released a new Special Edition from Memphis Blue / Memphis Air Blue - this time without a competition. Those two packs show shows an aeroplane in the Carribean and in the Arctic.




XEIS - M-Tabak released the FIRST BRAND in Austria

thumb_xeisM-Tabak released the FIRST BRAND in Austria, which is just sold in a small local aerea in Austria. The brand Xeis Full Taste with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine (bar-code 5450 8163) and Xeis Fine Taste with 8 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine (bar-code 5450 8170) is only made for the aerea of the "Nationalpark Gesäuse" which is in the middle of Austria. "Xeis" is the native name of the aerea "Gesäuse".



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