Austrian News in Spring

thumb MarlredMarlboro Red KS, Marlboro Red XL (23's) and Marlboro Flavor Touch are out now in new design. In the meantime Marlboro Red XL and Marlboro Gold XL changed their numbers of cigarettes from 23's to 24's.


thumb OnylblueO'Nyle Blue is out now as KS pack too.





thumb ElixyrElixiyr Red and Elxiyr Blue are out from company M Tabak in a new colourful design.





thumb GlamourGlamour Azure and Glamour Lilac are out now with new names (Azure instead of Blue) and new design.







35.000 packs and news from Austria

thumb IMGI'm proud to present my pack # 35.000 in my collection - it's a special edition from Germany





thumb MemphisflyThere is out a new special edition from Memphis Blue / Memphis Air Blue - again from the serie "Fly with ME".









thumb NAS1Natural American Spirit from Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company is out with a new colour and with 3 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine. It is sold by Austria Tabak and the bar-code is 4043058 007597.




 thumb CC1And there is also out a new Camel Colour edition with 5 different packs.









thumb LD L.D. is out in a new design in red, blue and yellow colour.







2015 - Pepe Tin Lid

thumb IMG 0002thumb IMG 0004 For a limited time there is out Pepe Easy Green and Pepe Rich Green as Limited Edition as Tin-box.





thumb Camelwhite Camel Natural Flavor is out now in a third style - it's a White pack with 4 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine. The bar-code is 9036 8585.





thumb Walterww Walter Wolf is out as White Icon 100's with 8 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine - the bar-code is 3850 3085.







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