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The collection is slowly growing ...


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On October 24, my collection reached 41.000 packs.



It's a long time ago since I made my last update.

My collection is still growing but much slower now because I don't collect the packs with the large pictoral health-warnings anymore.

The reason to update my website now is a sad reason, it's my way to say goodbye to a good friend and collector friend.

Ing. Bernd Goerlich was a big collector of single cigarettes and cigars, he had a huge collection and made some exhibitions with his collection.

So I started to send him single cigarettes from the packs I got and he resent me some nice tins and packs he found on flee market. This was a nice working combination and we both found this unusual way of exchange useful for our collection.

On one of this business trips we were able to meet near Vienna and spent many hours together talking about our collection and a lot of other things.

We continued to stay in contact and exchange although he became very ill some years ago and he had to stay in hospital from time to time but he always fought against his illness although he god bad news again and again.

This was our only meeting although we wanted to do it again - but because of his illness and time we didn't do ... and now it's too late to do because Bernd lost his fight and died on March 19.

Thanks for your friendship and the exchange and your contact - I will ever remember you!



Spring 2017

All XL-packs (like Gauloises, Pall Mall, Camel, Lucky Strike ...) changed the numbers of their cigarettes from 25's to 24's.

thumb IMGAfter a long time L & M Red & L & M Blue are back on sale again.







Merry X-Mas and A Happy New Year!

I wish all the collectors, all visitors of my homepage and all their families A MERRY X-MAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 














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