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Winter 2016

With starting the pictoral health-warnings also the new law started that there are allowed only packs with 20's and 25's.

But a view months later, this law changed again and now companies started to reduce their XL-packs from 25's to 24's like Benson & Hedges, Winston or Camel did. And - Batton still produced their packs as 40's now.

There are out now some new styles of already known brands like:

.) Bacco Superslims Ruby
.) Bacco Superslims White
.) Mark Adams Red 24
.) Mark Adams Gold 24
.) The King Red 100
.) The King Blue 100


August 2016

More and more packs with the new pictoral warnings are out and I don't collect this kind of packs anymore.

thumb Chesterspec

First special edition with new health-warnings is an anniversary pack from Chesterfield - made for 120th Anniversary of Chesterfield.




thumb Corsetbreot

Corset has to change the size of the pack from pocket-size to usual size.




thumb Marlredmix

Marlboro Red Mix is a new kind of Marlboro in Austria now.








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