O'Nyle - new design

thumb Onyle O'Nyle changed the design on their packs and O'Nyle White is renamed now to O'Nyle Gold (O'Nyle Blue 100 is still missing on this photo)












I'm proud to say that I just got my pack no. 34.000 in my collection.

And there are 34.000 different packs in my collection because I don't collect just different health-warnings.




Allure - Color Edition

There is out a special Color Edition from the brand Allure - the packs are available in five different colors.

thumb rwe

M Tabak imports the Landewyck Tobacco brand Maya Yellow (bar-code 5450 6053) with 4 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine. This is the third style of this brand after Filter and Blue has released.



thumb h6tChesterfield Silver is out now in a new design and colour.







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