A few words about me & my collection:    

My name is Herbert Zach and I'm 53 years old. I'm living in St. Pölten - the capital city of Lower-Austria - in the middle of Europe.

In 1988 I went with my wife to Strasbourg (France) where we were invited to make a short holiday there - it was a wedding-present from a friend of us. Because I was a smoker I bought packs of cigarettes there. There were such nice and beautiful packs (like "Gauloises Blue Way")  so I didn't want to through the empty packs into a litter - I took them home and this was the begin of my collection.

Since this time I bought many packs during my holidays and my coleagues are so kind to help collecting empty packs too. With their help and with a lot of contacts on internet I was able to let my collection grow the last few years and I hope that it will grow in the future too. And - the most important thing for me is - that I was able to quit smoking more than 15 years ago and although - I LOVE to collect these nice packs of cigarettes!

Which kinds of pack do I collect?

 It's easy ... I collect:

.) different sizes (5's, 10's, 20's, 25's ...)

.) different material (Softpacks, Hardpacks, Tins ...)

.) different types of each brand (Filter, Lights, Suave, Menthol ...)

.) different Special packs (Collector's Pack, Advertisings ...)

.) different design on the front-side (script, logo, colors, design ...)

I don't collect:

.) different health-warnings on the pack

.) other tobacco products

.) same brand with same brand design but made in different countries

.) minimal differences like different bar-code, different backsides, different scripts on the side, different tax stamps ...

.) packs with more than 50% of the pack with health-warning

I hope you enjoy my homepage and I wish all my visitors a lot of fun.

Total Brands & Packs

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Brands: 9034
Packs: 40.651

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