New Tobacco law in Europe

New in Europa and Austria are:

1.) There is a new maximum of nicotine and tar allowed.
2.) There has to be the amount of carbon monoxide on the pack.
3.) There has to be new and bigger health warnings on the packs.
4.) The words "Light" and "Mild" are not allowed anymore.

To say some words about those points:

1. + 2.) There is now a maximum of 10 mg tar and 1,0 mg Nicotine and 10 mg carbon monoxide allowed.
3.) The health-warning has to be the size of 30% of the frontside and 40% of the backside of each pack!
There are now 2 different health-warnings on the front-side and 14 (!) different health-warnings on the back-side!
4.) Because names and/or brands including the words "Light" and "Mild" and all derivates of those words are no longer allowed, Tobacco Companies had to change the name of those cigarette brands.

Here are the new names which are in use in Austria:

Old name - new name:
Basic Lights - Basic Fine Flavor
Benson & Hedges Red Lights  - Benson & Hedges Red Style
Camel Lights - Camel Blue
Camel Medium  - Camel Orange
Camel Super Lights - Camel Silver
Cartier Vendome Lights  - Cartier Vendome 8 mg
Casablanca Ultra - Casablanca White
Chesterfield  - Chesterfield Classic Red
Chesterfield Lights - Chesterfield Classic Blue
Chesterfield Original - Chesterfield American Blend 10 mg
Chesterfield Original Lights - Chesterfield American Blend 8 mg
Davidoff Lights - Davidoff Gold
Davidoff Ultra - Davidoff Blue
Gauloises Blondes  - Gauloises Blondes Bleu
Gauloises Blondes Legeres  - Gauloises Blondes Rouge  
Gauloises Blondes Ultra Legeres - Gauloises Blondes Jaune 
HB Lights - HB King Size 6 mg
JPS American Blend Lights - JPS Silver
Kim Superlights  - Kim 4 mg
Kim Ultra Slim Superlights  - Kim Super Slim Celeste 
Lucky Strike  - Lucky Strike Red
Lucky Strike Lights - Lucky Strike Silver
Marlboro Lights - Marlboro 7 mg
Marlboro Lights Menthol  - Marlboro Menthol 6 mg
Marlboro Medium - Marlboro 9 mg
Marlboro Ultra Lights  - Marlboro 3 mg
Maverick Lights - Maverick White
Memphis Blue Lights  - Memphis Sky-Blue 
Memphis Blue Ultra  - Memphis Strato-Blue
Memphis Lights - Memphis White
Memphis Medium - Memphis Mid
Memphis Platinum Lights - Memphis Titanium
Milde Sorte - Meine Sorte
Milde Sorte 1 - Meine Sorte 1
Milde Sorte 100 - Meine Sorte 100
Milde Sorte de Luxe  - Meine Sorte de Luxe
Milde Sorte Super  - Meine Sorte Super
Milde Sorte Ultra - Meine Sorte White
MS Filtro - MS F
MS Mild  - MS M
Natural American Spirit - Natural American Spirit 9 mg
Natural American Spirit Light  - Natural American Spirit 5 mg
Natural American Spirit Medium  - Natural American Spirit 7 mg
Nil Lights  - Nil Weiss
Pall Mall Lights  - Pall Mall Smooth Taste
Pall Mall Ultra Lights  - Pall Mall Soft Taste
Parisienne Mild - Parisienne Jaune
Parisienne Super - Parisienne Rouge
Peter Stuyvesant Lights  - Peter Stuyesant Gold
Philip Morris Super Lights - Philip Morris Supreme
Prince Lights  - Prince White
R 1 - R 1 2 mg
R 1 Minima  - R 1 1 mg
Ronson Special Lights - Ronson Special White
Silk Cut Mild - Silk Cut Purple
Silk Cut Ultra - Silk Cut Silver
Silk Cut Ultra Mild - Silk Cut Yellow
Smart Export Box Light - Smart Export Box White
Vogue Superslims 100's - Vogue Filter 8 mg
Vogue Superslims 100's Ultra Lights  - Vogue Filter 3 mg
West  - West Red
West Lights  - West Silber
West Ultra - West Blue
Winston - Winston Red
Winston Lights - Winston Blue
Winston One - Winston White
Winston Super Lights  - Winston Silver


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