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01 Marlboro

Cigarettes Details

02 Marlboro

Filter (red-white), Pocket Pack Filter, Red Pro Fresh Details

03 Marlboro

Filter (gold-white) Details

04 Marlboro

Filter (misprinting) Details

05 Marlboro

Filter Country Special I Details

06 Marlboro

Filter Country Special II Details

07 Marlboro

Filter Country Special III Details

08 Marlboro

Filter Country Special IV Details

09 Marlboro

Racing Edition Details

10 Marlboro

M. Special Blend Details

11 Marlboro

Silver Special Edition (Filter, Lights, Wides, Menthol) Details

12 Marlboro

The Original Details

13 Marlboro

Blend No. 27, Blend No. 27 Special Pack, Blend 28, Blend 29, Blend 29 Additive Free Details

14 Marlboro

Seventy-Twos - 50 Years of Flavor, Seventy-Twos, Seventy-Twos Lights, Seventy-Twos Blue Pack, Seventy-Twos Ultra Lights, Seventy-Twos Menthol Details

15 Marlboro

Virginia Blend Details

16 Marlboro

Filter Plus, Filter Plus One, Flavor Note, Flavor Plus Details

17 Marlboro

Gold Details

18 Marlboro

Rolls Details

19 Marlboro

Medium, MX 4 Flavor, Flavor Mix, Red Label Details

20 Marlboro

Golden Lights Details

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