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I am proud to be able to say that my collection reached now 36.000 different packs!


thumb Chestercaps

Chesterfield Twice (with two capsule) with 8 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine and bar-code 9041 2615 is out now in Austria.





thumb Kareli

Tobaccoland is selling two lid-packs from Greek brand George Karelias and Sons Superior Virginia Filters with 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine (with bar-code 5201 3546) and another with 6 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine (with bar-code 5201 8213).





Summer 2015 - New packs

thumb PhilMorPhilip Morris One and Philip Morris Supreme is out with a special edition called "Win your Style" as a competition to win a trip to London. The special ist just on the foile.




thumb SummerBenson & Hedges is out with a edition "Summer Flavor" - as Benson & Hedges Dual Yellow and Benson & Heges Dual Purple.




thumb F1Like last year - for the Formula 1 Grand Prix from Austria in Spielberg there was out a special Marlboro Edition. This one is a heavy material like a tire of a car on only sold during the weekend of the race and the rest in some few tobacco shops after the race.



thumb KingblackThe King is now out as Black KS and 100's version.








June 2015 - New packs in Austria

thumb CheSpecChe is out with a special edition with packs in three different colours, similar to a serie of 5 packs from Italy some years ago.




thumb Pueblonew The writings on the top has changed on the four Pueblo packs now.





thumb Chestnew Chesterfield is out with a new special edition - 4 different packs in each Red and Blue









thumb Buhnew Benson & Hedges Black and Silver are out with each 5 different packs as special edition called "Packs & Stories"









Last year the self-produced brand Tschick started very successful but the owner weren't that satisfied with the quality. So they stopped production in Polish company ORION and since February 2015 the brand is produced in Hungarian company Continental Tobacco - so the packs have NOW the emblem of this company (CTC) on the side and on the same way the strength of Tschick Blue were reduced from 8 mg/0,8 to 6 mg/0,5 mg.




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