April 2016

thumb smartcompSmart still is out with a new special-edition in Red/Orange/Yellow/White - it's again a competition and for this time to win a trip to an Italian island or some ice-cream.








thumb CamelnovaCamel brought out a new pack Camel Nova Red and Camel Nova Blue - it is JUST made for Austria and only released in Austria! The Red has 10 mg tar and 0,9 mg nicotine with bar-code 9036 8783 and the Blue has 6 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine with bar-code 9036 8790.




thumb MurattiblueThe production of Muratti Blue will be stopped in Austria soon and the pack is replaced by Philip Morris - there is out a pack with a special foile for this.






38.000 packs

I'm very proud that my collection reached 38.000 different packs today!


And this is one of my most beautiful pack - an old pack from Austria from 1906 with a beautiful tax-stamp.













March 2016

thumb camelmusic 2thumb Camelmusic 1 Camel Blue and Filter is out with a brandnew special edition.







thumb MemphisClassAnd also Memphis Classic is out with a brandnew special edition.









thumb Paris25Parisienne Jaune is out as a 25's pack.





thumb LuckyflowLucky Strike is out new as "Flow Filter" in 20's and 25's edition.





thumb GaulofreiGauloises frei von Zusätzen is out now in a new design.





Lucky Strike Red and Lucky Strike Blue are out as 25's with new design now too.



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