November 2015 - News

thumb WinstonwinWinston Red and Winston White is out with a new special edition to win a trip to the Tyrolean Alpes.








thumb PariAus

Parisienne Jaune is out as a limited edition - similar looking like the Special Edition Austrienne which was out in Spring for European Song Contest in Vienna.




thumb Camel25

Camel Filter and Camel Blue are out now as 25's pack.




thumb Marlborogold

thumb Marlborosilver

Marlboro Gold is out in new international design - Marlboro Silver changed design AND name to Marlboro Silver Blue.




 Pall Mall S-Line Blue is out now as 25's pack.thumb Pallmalls





thumb Westsilv

 West Silver is out in new design.





thumb IMG Smart has released another competition - there are 4 packs to win to London.









thumb Battonval Batton Red and Batton Silver are out as a Value 25's pack.







Autumn 2015 - New packs

thumb BlackdevilBlack Devil American Blend is out in Yellow and Pink Edition with yellow and pink cigarettes.




thumb PallmallnewPall Mall is out in a brandnew design now.









thumb Mark1Company DanCzek AT is selling German brand Mark 1 New Red with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine (bar-code 4260367 984375) and Mark 1 New Gold with 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine (bar-code 4260367 983491).



thumb LMPMThe brand L & M is changing to Philip Morris.





Because in 2016 there is only allowed to sell packs with 20's and 25's in Austria, Winston and Lucky Strike are changing their XL-packs to 25's.

thumb buH20u1But Benson & Hedges is selling for three months (until the end of 2015) their packs as special 20+1 for the same price like the 20's.







New in September 2015

thumb MemphClassThere is out a new special edition of Memphis Classic.









thumb JPSfoile There is a special edition of JPS Black and JPS Silver on the foile of the pack - a competition to win a Mini Cooper.




thumb Chesternew

Chesterfield is out with all packs in a complete new design.





thumb Glam1

thumb Glam2

The production of Smart Superslims 3 mg and Smart Superslims 5 mg will be stopped the they change to Glamour Azure and Glamour Lilac in pocket size.







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