Memphis Special Edition

thumb CorsetmintThere is out a new taste of the brand Corset, it's Mint Breeze with 6 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine - the bar-code is 3800221 963866 and it's made by King's TObacco International.




thumb buHoZ Another brand with additive free tobacco is Benson & Hedges ohne Zusätze with 6 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine, the bar-code is 9036 8554 and it's made by JT International.




thumb Mem1thumb Mem2thumb Mem3thumb Mem4Memphis Classic is out with another special edition of 4 packs.






Tschck and others

thumb tschik1thumb tschik2A former worker of Austria Tabak founded in Austria the company Tschikfabrik and the first brand is Tschik which is a Viennese slang-word for cigarette. The brand has tobacco from Zambia and is produced by Polish company Orion and sold by Moosmayr (probably only) in Austria.
There exists Tschick Rot with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine, the bar-code is 9008122 000836 and Tschick Blau with 8 mg tar and 0,6 mg nicotine, the bar-code is 9008122 000343.


thumb blackFrom the company Planta Berlin is out the brand Black Vanilla in a new design. This brand was already for sale in Austria, now not only the design has changed also the cigarettes are with natur cover and that's why they are called Cigarillos now.



thumb WildFrom the same company there is out in same style and also called Cigarillos the brand Wild Cherry.







O'Nyle - new design

thumb Onyle O'Nyle changed the design on their packs and O'Nyle White is renamed now to O'Nyle Gold (O'Nyle Blue 100 is still missing on this photo)











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