Natural American Spirit

thumb NASAll different styles of Natural American Spirit are out in a brandnew design (larger emblem) and now as a hardpack. The versions ins softpack don't exist anymore.




thumb DavmagentAs last version is Davidoff Superslims Magenta out - the new Superslims-versions Rose and Magenta are out instead of Superslims Gold and Superslims Silver.






Camel Activate White

thumb IM3GAnother style of CAMEL is out now - it's a Camel Activate White with 6 mg tar and 0,4 mg nicotine. It's made by JT International and the barcode is 9036 8547.





thumb IM33GDavidoff Classic is out now with brandnew design too.







33,000 packs

I'm proud to be able to say that I have just now 33.000 different (!!!) packs in my collection!


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