Merry Christmas

thumb IMG 0002thumb ChesteropenFor New Year Celebration the brand Chesterfield has released two special editions - new in design and new to open it. The packs are available in Red and Blue and are called "Happy 2014".




thumb JPSDUowhiteWith JPS Duo White is out another pack with "click-style" - the brand has 6 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine, bar-code 4030600 092118.





thumb Davidoffgold1thumb DavidoffROseDavidoff Gold is out in a new style - bar-code is 4204 8961, tar is 7 mg and 0,6 mg nicotine. And there is out a new style of Davidoff called Davidoff Rose Superslims with 3 mg tar and 0,3 mg nicotine - the bar-code is 5030600 091586.



Corset Superslims changed the design a little bit.

I wish all collectors and their families a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!








Winston - White ParadIce

thumb Winstonfin1thumb Winstonfin2thumb Winstonfin3thumb Winstonfin4There is out a new special edtion from Winston Red/Blue called "White ParadIce" - with those packs one can win a trip to Finland.





Smart - Coffee Edition

thumb SmartcoffeeThere is out a new special edition of Smart. This is another competition to win a trip to coffee shops round the world. Those special edition is out in Red, Orange, Yellow and White.






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