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There is out a new special edition from Memphis Classic - six different packs are called "Enjoy Austria".

thumb Denimredthumb Denimbluethumb DenimgreenCompany Moosmayr imports three packs from German company Johann Wilhelm von Eicken. Denim (Red) with 10 mg tar and 10 mg nicotine (bar-code 4006396 076908), Denim without additives (Blue)  with 6 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine (bar-code 4006396 076939) and Denim (Green) with 10 mg tar and 10 mg nicotine (bar-code 4006396 076960).


thumb Kissapplethumb KissstrwarRussian brand Kiss is out in Austria as Kiss Superslims Strawberry with 5 mg tar and 0,5 mg nicotine (bar-code 4607 1620) and Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple with same tar and nicotine (bar-code 4606 7715). The packs are from Donskoy Tabak and imported by DanCzek AT.





100th Anniversary of Camel

thumb A2athumb A2athumb A3aAfter the only way to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Camel in Austria was to make a small stripe on the usual packs with a special script - now Camel Filter and Camel Blue came out as a special edition.



thumb DualBlueAfter Benson & Hedges Dual Silver now Benson & Hedges Dual Blue has been released JTI/Austria Tabak. The bar-code is 9036 8516, tar is 10 mg and nicotine is 0,7 mg.




thumb CheNeonM-Tabak brought out another pack of CHE-brand - it's a softpack called Che Neon. This one is another additive-free brand with bar-code 5450 3403 with 10 mg tar and 0,8 mg nicotine.




The new PALL MALL-design, which came out in August, won't be on selling for a long time, they will be replaced also by "Click"-cigarettes (and new design)



Pall Mall in new design

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Pall Mall has released their complete serie with new design: Therer exists Red (KS, 100, 24's), Blue (KS, 100, 24's), Green, White and also Amber which just changes to Silver.






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