L & M with new design in Austria

thumb_LMnewL & M Red and L & M Blue are out now in Austria with new design too.




Another special edition of Memphis Blue/Air Blue

thumb_Memphisspecial10There is out another Special Edition of Memphis Blue/Air Blue with each 4 (same) packs with another competition.




thumb_MemphisStratoMemphis Strato Blue is out now with a changed design.





thumb_ExcitenewExcite Red changed again their design and is also out now.







September - again a lot of new packs

Natural packs seems to be modern - so a lot of new packs are out now:

thumb_Maya1thumb_Maya2M Tabak imports Maya Filter and Maya Blue, both are additive-free tobaccos.




thumb_Luckyredohnethumb_LuckyblueohneAlso "ohne Zusätze" (additive-free) are the new styles of Lucky Strike Red and Lucky Strike Blue.




thumb_Battonrotfreethumb_BattonbluefreeThere was already a pack existing with the name Batton Free - now there are two new packs sold as Batton Free Red and Batton Free Blue.




Camel continues releasing their packs with new design - Camel Filter and Camel Filter 100 are out now with new design.

thumb_Esseredthumb_EsseblueSouth-Korean brand Esse is now out as Esse Super Slim and Esse Blue Super Slim.






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