Memphis Blue/Air Blue - Special Edition


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There is out a new special edition from Memphis Blue / Air Blue. On the frontside are 8 different sentences with the word ME(mphis), on the backside there are 8 different sentences with the word (Memph)IS.


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The brand Manitou is out now with a brandnew design.





The brand JPS Big Pack has now 26 cigarettes inside instead of 27 cigarettes before.

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 Chesterfield Red and Chesterfield Blue are now available as "ohne Zusätze" (without addictives).




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 Austrian special edition for Camel 100th Anniversary is out now - but - in a very disappointing ways. In other countries there are really special editions or something special written on the pack - on Austrian version there is only a small sentence about the Anniversary on the stripe.








Special Editions

thumb Drivecity"Drive the city" is the name of the new special edition which is available as Benson & Hedges Black, Benson & Hedges Silver and Benson & Hedges White.




thumb SmartngrillAnother special edition is out from Smart - available as Red, Orange, Yellow and White. The special edition is called "Smart'n'Grill". The frontside is always the same but on the top there are four different symbols on the packs and to collect them makes the way to win a big BBQ.



thumb Grinzingthumb Dachsteinthumb Land

Memphis Classic has released a special edition with six packs, showing the name and symbol of famous Austrian natural aereas.




thumb Pinzthumb seewthumb Wachau






thumb AllureorganicThe next natural brand on the market is Allure Organic from German company Von Eicken and is imported from company Moosmayr. The brand has bar-code 4006396 077967 and 6 mg tar and 0,7 mg nicotine.






Camel Color Part II and others

thumb AustriaColor1thumb AustriaColor3thumb AustriaColor2thumb AustriaColor4thumb AustriaColor5There are out 2 series of 5 packs of Camel Blue called "Camel Color".


The second serie released about a week later.

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thumb MohawkThere are out Mohawk Red and Blue as Origins and with brandnew design.





 Pöschl Tabak imports another German brand to Austria - Pueblo Green.





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 Winston White 100 is out now in Austria.




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